Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jewelry for Your Home

It's finally here! After years of just thinking about it, and months of procrastinating (whoops!) I'm finally introducing my new line of Jewelry for Your Home! For now, I have a Necklace for your Lamp listed, but you can expect to see more new and innovative items coming soon!

I plan on introducing 2 more different styles for your lamp, and then moving on to different parts of your home. Yup, you can expect to have a little bit of sparkling goodness all over your house! I never really thought of myself as a girly girl, but for some reason, most things I create end up being that way. Go figure!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Freezing Time

Study in Blue II

Wouldn't it be great if you could freeze time?

If you could stop everything, but were still able to think, so that you could observe every drop of water, every ripple. Then, once you've marveled at every little detail and taken note of all the beauty in that moment, you can go back to your life in normal speed.

Or, if you were able to see the things that usually happen in a blink of an eye. To actually watch it take form and then disappear, and then to be able say, "I saw you, I watched you come into existence, and you were precious."

Of course, if you could do that, if you could actually stop or slow down time, maybe it'll be so ordinary that you would fail to recognize the extra-ordinariness of the moment. If that's the case, I'd rather not have a special power at all. I'd rather keep my ability to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us each and every day of our lives.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Save the Date

A special announcement for those of you living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. My Everything Is Coming Up Roses Bracelet will be part of the 5th Annual HOT Latin Nights Auction on July 17th!

This is an event that benefits VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads, a nonprofit organization that promotes volunteerism in the Hampton Roads area by training members of other nonprofits and helping them connect with volunteers.

As an added bonus, there's a raffle for an Apple iPad!! You don't need to be present to win, so you can contribute to this worthy organization even if you are not in Virginia.

For more information about VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads and the HOT Latin Nights, please visit