Thursday, February 11, 2010


Melt My Heart

Although we definitely didn't get as much as Washington D.C., we did get about a foot of snow here in Staten Island yesterday. My son wanted to shovel the snow from the moment he woke up, so after a quick breakfast, we headed out.

At that point, the snow still wasn't that bad. We had maybe 2 inches or so, and we shoveled our sidewalk as well as our neighbors' on either side. (Mainly because I couldn't get my son to go back into the house.) Then, it started snowing more, and more, and it never really stopped until almost midnight. Thankfully, my husband came home early, so I didn't have to go back out there again, but he had to shovel 3 times during the evening hours!

But we're actually lucky compared to our neighbors across the street. We live on a narrow one way street, so when the plow comes through, they always push the snow to the opposite side of the street. I swear, their snow piles are always twice as tall as ours! You don't really think about things like that when you are buying a house, but it does make a HUGE difference!

By the way, the footprints in the photo are mine, not my son's. That's right, I have hearts on the bottom of my boots! I'm only 4'10", so I wear size 2 shoes. I try to find as "adult-looking" shoes as possible, but sometimes, my footprints give away my secret :)

Oh well. At least I got to take an appropriate picture for Valentine's week!


  1. LOL! Your son and my neice and nephew all sound equally fascinated with shovelling and playing in the snow! They are so cute when it snows! And your boot prints are adorable! I love how thay tattle on you!

  2. I've been reading about your niece and nephew on your sister's blog, and sounds like they got a lot of snow! Strangely enough, my brother graduated from a college in Pittsburgh, and I also used to live just outside of Pittsburgh! Small world, isn't it? :)