Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Know What They Say About Apples Falling...

I ♥ Color A couple of years ago, I got this set of craft scissors because I'm a sucker for crafty things, and I'm a TOTAL sucker for crafty things that come in a rainbow of colors!

I don't scrap book, so I haven't used them for much - other than just cutting paper for the sake of cutting and marveling at the neat squiggly cuts that they create! I'll admit it, these scissors are in my possession for the sole purpose of making me happy. Just being able to look at them and play with them makes me happy!

Well, recently, I decided my son was old enough to handle scissors, so I handed him a pair and some paper destined for recycling.

Let me tell you, he is just as enamored with these scissors as I am! He has to play with them at least once a day, and he'll arrange and rearrange the scissors until he likes the color combo. Then he'll cut, and cut, and cut until the room looks like a parade went through and dumped a boatload of confetti.

Sure, clean-up time is a bit overwhelming, but he's pretty good about helping me pick up. Plus, I'll take confetti over endless hours of cars and trucks and trains any day!


  1. I love your photo and I bet your son is excitig about using these bright colour scissors, I love mine too but I do not have as many :) T.

  2. Thank you T. Now he calls them "My scissors" and won't let me use them at all. I've created a monster :)

  3. LOL! I would have bought those scissors jsut to look at them too! I love how much you and especially your son loves them! Color draws us all, I think! What a great story and a gorgeous image!