Friday, April 16, 2010

52 Week Challenge: Week 15

Blushing PetalThere's one thing I've learned in the last couple of weeks - It's hard to take good photos of flowers! Seriously, I keep taking picture after picture of flowers in the neighborhood, but once I come home and look at them on my computer, my first reaction is, "Eh..." They all end up looking ordinary at best, down right boring at their worst.

It's like they emit this charming energy that can't be captured in a photograph. You have to be there in person to experience it. Though I have managed to take a flower-related photo that I liked this week, it's still not the actual flower. Just the petals.

The pear tree in front of our house is shedding its flowers now, and there are literally pools of white petals where we normally see puddles of rain water. As I crouched down low to inspect them, I noticed that a lone petal from a cherry tree on the far end of the street had somehow found its way and settled on top.

I just found that to be such a soft, lovely sight even though many of the petals were getting old and shriveled. It's a sure sign that Spring is not going to last too much longer, but it was gorgeous while it was here!

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