Friday, July 1, 2011

通貨設定 Currency Setting

When you list an item on Etsy, you can actually choose to price your items using 20 different currencies in addition to the U.S. Dollar. This may be helpful if you are an international seller. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages in changing your currency settings, so let’s take a look at them today.

Since Etsy is an U.S. company, the Currency is set to U.S. Dollar (USD) as a default. All fees are calculated using USD, and most Etsy users are located in the United States, too, so it may make sense to just keep the Currency at USD. But if the USD suddenly loses value against your own currency, your profit will also decrease, too. For those of you selling lower priced items, this may significantly affect your profit margin unless you recalculate your price and shipping charges regularly. If you have a large number of items in your store, editing your prices on a regular basis could get quite tedious.

反対に通貨を日本円に変更すると為替レートがいくら上下しても売上金に変化はありません。でもお客様からしてみると日によって値段が違う、ということになります。時にはお客様が手を出しにくくなるほど高くなってしまうこともあるでしょう。もちろん反対にぐんと安くなることもあるのですが。あと、もう一つの問題点はEtsyで通貨を変更できるようになってからまだ一年も経っていないことです。いまだに エラーが発生してしまった、と言う話をときどき聞きます。後もう少し待って様子を見てみたほうがいいのかも知れません。
On the other hand, if you switch to your own currency, your profit will not be affected no matter what the exchange rate is. For your customers, though, this means that the price will be different depending on when they look at your item. At times, it may get expensive enough that they may not be able to afford it; while at others, it may seem like a bargain. Another possible hindrance is that it hasn’t even been a year since they introduced the ability to change your currency. I do still hear about glitches on occasion, so you may want to wait and see before you make the switch.

と言うわけで通貨はどちらにしたほうが良いとハッキリ言えませんが日本円に切り替えるのならYour AccountからShop Settingsと言う項目の中のShipping & Paymentを選択し、Currencyと書いてあるタブをクリックします。それからChoose Shop Currencyのリストから左下のJapanese Yenを選択してください。しばらく日本円を試してみてやはり米ドルのほうが良かったと思った場合は、もちろん同じ手順でUnited States Dollarに変更できます。
There really is no clear winner here, but if you do decide to switch, you can do so by going to Your Account > Shop Settings > Shipping & Payment and then clicking on the Currency tab. Then choose the currency of your choice from the list shown. If you try out a different currency and decide that it may have been better to stick with USD, you can switch back going through the same steps.

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