Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brand New Set

Since the reopening, I've listed 13 brand new items in my store, with one more on the way very soon. But my favorite of them all has to be this Silver Stardust and Aqua Blue Crystal Necklace! It's part of a set, actually, although I'm selling the earrings separately in case someone wants just one or the other.

I've been sitting on these silver stardust beads for years, saving them for just the right inspiration. They are just soooo pretty, I can literally sit and stare at them all day long. And now I finally got a chance to do them justice!

The combination of stardust beads and the swarovski crystals is simply spellbinding! It's too bad you can't see the actual item because they glitter and shimmer constantly, and so much prettier in person.

It's the perfect set of accessories for the holiday season and special occasions!

1 comment:

  1. Very, very pretty. I love how the frosted silver and pale blue go together.