Monday, January 25, 2010

Toddler's Understanding of Existence

This morning, as we were eating breakfast, my son and I were playing footsie. Or more accurately, he was kicking my thigh. I asked him if he could see his feet, and he replied "No" because he was sitting on his high chair with a tray. He tried pointing his toes, but still, his legs weren't long enough to see his feet beyond the large tray.

Suddenly, he got a very concerned look on his face and said, "Mommy, something's wrong! My feet. I can't see!" Apparently, this was the first time he thought really hard about what happens to the parts of the body that he cannot look at directly.

I assured him that I could see his feet and that everything was OK, but he still seemed worried. So I asked him if he can wiggle his toes, and told him that even when he can't see his feet, he can feel them. Reassured that his feet are still attached to him, my son went back to eating.

But this got me, in turn, thinking about what a strange world we live in, and also about other things that my son cannot see. Like angels. And God. If you can't see God, how do you know if He exists or not?

I hope that by the time my son is old enough to ask that question, I'll know how to answer him. In the mean time, I'm thankful that he exists. Every inch of him.

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  1. that recounting really touched me. Maybe just as you explained that even when he can't see his feet he can wiggle his toes and feel his feet, you can explain that although he can't see angels and God, he can feel their presence in the warmth of the sun and the fullness of his heart.

    Thanks for your comment about Craft Hope. Its such an awesome thing they are doing. I'm glad you'll be donating something - your pieces are just gorgeous!