Friday, May 20, 2011

お店の準備 ~ Info & Appearance ~ Getting Your Store Ready

先週アバターを作成しましたがEtsyに出品しだす前にやっておくお店の準備は他にもたくさんあります。今日はYour AccountからShop Settingsと言う項目の下のInfo & Appearanceページを選択し、記入してみましょう。
Last week, we talked about creating your avatar. But before you can start listing items on Etsy, there are still many more preparations that need to be done. Today, let’s fill out the Info & Appearance page, which you can access by going to Your Account, and looking under Shop Settings.

上から見ていくとAbout Your Shop, Shop Info, Shop Banner Image, Message to Buyersとあります。About Your Shopには何も記入する欄がないので次のShop Infoに行きます。まず一番にShop Titleとありますが、ここにはどんな物を売っているのかとても短い説明を書きます。Googleなどの検索エンジンは真っ先にここを探すので、見つけてもらいやすくするためになるべくお客様が使いそうなキーワードを入れておきます。Shop Announcementのほうは長くても短くてもかまいませんが、始めの二文ぐらいにはやはりキーワードをたくさん盛り込んでください。すぐ下にGoogleで検索した時にどういう風に見えるのかというPreviewが見れるようになっています。
This page has several sections: About Your Shop, Shop Info, Shop Banner Image, and Message to Buyers. We’ll skip About Your Shop since there’s nothing to fill out there and move on to Shop Info. The first area to fill out is Shop Title, which is where you’ll briefly explain the type of items you are selling. This is what Google and other search engines will look at first, so use as many keywords as possible to make it easier for your customers find you. The Shop Announcement doesn’t have to be as short, but it’s still recommended that you include quite a few keywords in the first 2 sentences or so. Just under that, you’ll be able to see a preview of what your store will look like on Google.

Shop Bannerは看板のようにお店の一番上に貼られます。アバターとの統一感を保つためにも最低限似たような色彩を使い760x100ピクセルのサイズで作成してください。たいていの方はお店の名前と商品の写真を合わせたバナーです。特に長いユーザー名になってしまった方には「こことここにスペースが入るんだよ」と見せるいい機会だと思います。アバター同様.jpg 、.gif 、または.pngファイルとして保存しアップロードします。
Shop Banner is the sign that will be placed at the top of your store. Use at least a similar color scheme as your avatar to maintain consistency in your store, and make sure the size is 760x100 pixels. Most people use a picture of their product and include the name of their store. This is especially important for those of you with longer usernames, since you’ll be able to show your customers where the spaces are suppose to be. Just like the avatar, save it as .jpg, .gif, or .png file and upload it on this page.

最後はMessage to Buyersです。こちらはお店の品が売れた時Invoiceに必ず表示されます。どのお客様も同じ文を読むことになるので、あまり細かいことは書かずお礼とメールアドレスぐらいにしておきます。私は後から必ず別のConversationをお客様に送り、そちらに「O日に小包を発送した」などもっと詳しいことを書いています。
The last section is the Message to Buyers. This is something that will be included in the invoice each time you sell an item. Since all of your customers will be reading the same thing, try to keep it general. For example, write a brief thank you note and give them an email address that they can use if they need to contact you. I always send a separate Conversation to my customers later, giving them more specific info, such as when I sent the package and the tracking number if there are any.

Once you are done filling out all the sections, don’t forget to press the blue Save button at the bottom! If you don’t, all the info you put in will completely disappear.

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