Monday, August 10, 2009

Newbie Monday - All Dressed Up

This week’s Newbie Monday is all about getting dressed up! Whether you are just attending a party or hosting one, here are some great items from etsy newbies!


Once you’ve responded to a party invite, the next big question usually is “what should I wear?” But instead of heading straight to your closet, why not pick out an eye-catching accessory first? Like DesignduJour’s Yellow Silk and Black Velvet Purse - The Georgia.

Sometimes, approaching a problem from a different starting point can help you put together an outfit that you’ve never thought of before.

My other favorites from her store are the classy Mikado and the gorgeous Maxine. Both designs are available in different colors, so be sure to browse around her store!


If you are the one hosting the party, it’s important that you dress up your pad as well as yourself. And likedeco’s gorgeous lanterns are just the thing!

Just take a look at these Magical Night lanterns available in red, white, and black. They’ll create an amazing atmosphere, perfect for an evening party! She also has some free-standing stainless steel lamp shades that are absolutely gorgeous. I really love the one she calls efflorescence. It's sooo beautiful!


If you are attending a pet-friendly event, do make sure your best friend is dressed to impress too! This Playtime Frock in green and brown will guarantee that your cutie pie will melt everyone's heart.

Lots of fun and colorful collars, adorable toys, and some ingenious “Doody Bags” are also available from PuppyWillow. The store is definitely worth the time to browse around if you’ve got a pampered prince or a princess at home!

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