Monday, August 3, 2009

Newbie Monday - Pounce

Pounce, Pounce, Pounce! How I love to Pounce! For those of you who are not familiar with it, Pounce is a neat little etsy tool that lets you find fresh shops with no sales so far. I find it quite addicting, clicking the “Pounce again!” button over and over. And yes, I do 10 rows at a time! To tell you the truth, Pounce is the reason I started doing these Newbie Monday posts. I kept finding amazingly talented artists and was always left thinking, “How are they not getting any sales?”

So, I decided to go back to my original love this week, and share some fabulous shops that I found on Pounce. And boy, am I excited about this week’s newbies!!!


Now let’s start things off with a bang, shall we? Or with The Big Bang (Music of the Spheres), rather. Ghitta, a photographer from London, has these bold, colorful, and whimsical photographs that you can’t help but love.

But they are sooo much more than that! These works are visual representations of scientific theories, based on NASA recordings and other scientific data!! The series she currently has in her shop is based on “the notion that each cosmic body is singing its own unique song as it spins in the vastness of space.” How cool!!

She only sells prints in her store right now, but I would love to see those images used in other items like greeting cards, magnets, and notebooks. I think they will do really well in the Geekery category. Don’t you agree?


My next newbie also hails from the UK, and she also has bold, colorful, and whimsical items. True to her name, her felt creations are cheerful and oh, so dear.

I’m usually drawn to blues and greens, but I can’t take my eyes off of this Orange Leafy Bird Brooch. In her short-but-sweet description, she eloquently emphasizes that “A ridiculously orange bird nestles in a star of leaves and a zingy flower.” What a perfect choice of words to portray this colorful adornment!

CheeryDeary also makes flower and owl brooches, and is branching out to greeting cards now. If you are having a cloudy, gloomy day or simply need a little pep to start off Monday on a positive note, check out CheeryDearyDesigns! She will certainly add some color to your day!


My last seller for this week is from Portland, Oregon, but as far as being bold, colorful, and whimsical; I say check, check, and check!

Ok, so you’ll probably notice after browsing around that this is her second shop, and therefore, she’s technically not a newbie. But I just couldn’t pass up the chance to highlight a fabulous artist like Hilary!

The sculpture in the photo is titled Pablo, after Pablo Picasso. It’s from a series called Heroes, which is a collection of these abstract sculptures that are named after artists she admires. I had fun browsing through the sculptures trying to guess which artists they were named after! And be sure to look at the 5th picture in the listing, because I don’t think you can fully appreciate the beauty of these sculptures unless you see them clustered together in a group!

Also, don’t forget to visit her other etsy shop, Bunny with a Tool Belt!


  1. I love to pounce too! When I am bored I can sit there for hours and pounce...but then I end up buying something LOL! Love the feature you did and love your blog! Come visit mine if you'd like!

  2. I'm an Etsy newbie, and I would love to be featured in your "Newbie Monday." I hope you check out my site: I love your blog!