Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quick Update

Oh my, how time flies by! I know that I promised to come back in October, but with all the things that happened last month, I am literally a month behind on my plans!

I’ve only made 2 (yes, only 2!) new items so far, and have only managed to do a few things off my To Do list. I’m waiting for an order of beads right now, so hopefully, once that arrives, I’ll be inspired to create again.

I mentioned that one of my major projects for the month was potty training my son. I’m happy to report that he took a big step in the right direction just a few days ago. Although I can’t say that he is potty trained yet, I’m hopeful that he’ll have it down before he turns 3.

We also took a quick trip down to Philadelphia in September with my parents, who were visiting from Japan. I’ll talk more about the trip in another post, but I can honestly say that my son thoroughly enjoyed having someone’s attention every second of the day, and my parents thoroughly enjoyed spoiling their grandson every second of the day!

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