Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip Down to Philly

As I mentioned earlier, my parents came to visit in September, and we took a trip down to Philadelphia with them. I loved that the city seemed to take much pride in its history and culture. Buildings were covered in murals, and there were numerous hints of history interspersed among the new.

Although my son was still too young to comprehend the history of the city, he seemed at home hanging out with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. And if you have a young one, I highly recommend the Please Touch Museum! He literally ran around all day, until he (and everyone else!) was completely exhausted.

In fact, he played so much that we didn't even get to look around the museum shop, but he got the best souvenir of all at a highway rest area. The Truck Paper! He's mesmerized by all the different trucks, and asks me to "read" it to him every night. At this rate, I'll soon be an expert in spotting different Macks and Peterbuilts, but I can't complain since it's as good as a free baby sitter!

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  1. Adorable! That sounds like an awesome trip.

    Also, welcome back and I really love you new blog design!