Monday, June 29, 2009

How to wear my new necklace

Ok, so I finally listed my 2-in-1 Powder Blue Chalcedony Asymmetrical Lariat Necklace in my shop, and I wanted to show you the different ways to wear this necklace since I can't list more than 5 photos in etsy.

1. Here's the "Lariat" necklace. I have 2 strands of chain hanging beside the flower focal, so you just loop one over the other (just like the first step in tying bows).

2. In this one, I clipped the 2 chains to one side of the flower focal using the detachable drop.

3. This is the same setup as the second necklace. The focal has been moved to the left of the mannequin.

4. Now, I've clipped the chains to the other side of the flower.

5. And this is the same setup as #4, it's just clipped at a different point so one chain is longer than the other.

6. Here's how the necklace looks when I clip the 2 chains across the front.

I'm sure as you play around with it, you'll find more intersting ways to wear this necklace!


  1. I am more than slightly in LOVE with this necklace, just for the record.

  2. Hi! Found your blog posted on the etsy forums. I LOVE this necklace. It's really beautiful. I like how it can be worn so many different ways. And I'm following you now. :)

  3. This is SO beautiful and whimsical!