Friday, June 19, 2009

金曜日は日本語で-Japanese Fridays プラレール版

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今、家には「N700系新幹線のベーシックセット」と「レールいっぱいセット」があるのですが、これを組み立てるのが結構一仕事なんです。 坂道を作ったり、3連のレールにしてみたりとか面白いことは面白いのですが、最後にちゃんとつながってくれなくて悪戦苦闘することがわりとしょっちゅうあります。 また、あまり懲りすぎると、たまりかねた息子が作っている端からぐしゃぐしゃにしてしまったり...。

でもとうとう完成したプラレールを息子と一緒に眺める時って結構幸せです。 その時の満足感はネックレスが完成した時とよく似ています。



Short for Plastic Rail, Pla-Rail is a toy train set that is very popular in Japan. My son, too, received them as a gift on his second birthday.

Currently, we have the "N700 series Bullet Train Basic Set" and the "Lots of Rail Set", but putting them all together can be quite a job. It is fun to build a steep hill or a 3 lane circuit, but it is frustratingly common for the ends of the rails not to connect. It's also common for my son to get impatient and break apart an area that I just assembled when the design gets too complex.

However, when the track is finally completed, watching the train go around with my son can be quite rewarding. The satisfaction that I feel is rather similar to the feeling I get when a necklace is finished.

Of course I'm a little sad to report that, with my son being 2 and a half, the rail is usually in pieces again 15 minutes later, no matter how hard I work on it.

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