Monday, June 15, 2009

Newbie Monday

I think one of the hardest thing for a newbie etsian is the excruciating wait for that first sale. Sure, there are a lucky few that get their first sale within hours, but most of us wait days, weeks, if not months for the first sale.

And once you get your first sale, you can't breathe a sigh of relief either. Getting the second and third sales can take just as long.

So, in an effort to provide a new outlet for etsians like me, I've decided to start a showcase on my blog that features talented newbies with 5 sales or less.

Here are this week's newbies:


I love, love, love her sweet and quirky photos! Each one has a story to tell.

Dongedy is a photographer from Paris, France. She has some very evocative and romantic photos of flowers and animals, but my favorite has to be her photos of Mini People.

Many have a great sense of humor, while others are a little bit melancholy like the one shown above titled Waiting for You.

My personal favorite is titled Fallen, and shows two skaters on top of a flan. It puts a smile on my face every time I look at it, probably because I'm a total klutz too.


AList is a Texan from Corpus Christi, and has some lovely jewelry made with natural and glass beads.

Her designs are usually simple and classic, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Of course, you don't need to limit them that way. For example, I can see this Grey Marble Necklace with jeans or with the little black dress.

AList's husband is currently deployed in Iraq right now, so please let me use this space to say, I'm praying for your husband's safe return!


My final newbie for this week is GingerKisses, a seller from Denver with lots of fun vintage finds.

I love the way they title their items! The look-at-me! boots shown above is called Hot Tamale Vintage Red Boots.

With creative titles such as Meet Me In Montauk Nautical Print Square Scarf and Into the Deep Blue Snakeskin Pumps I can't help but click and see what they are all about.

There are many more fantastic newbies I'd like to introduce to you, so please come back next week for another Newbie Monday!

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