Friday, July 24, 2009

金曜日は日本語で - Japanese Friday 学校版

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I mentioned this a few weeks ago too, but when I first came to the U.S. I could barely understand English. No one at my school could speak Japanese, so I had to communicate with my teachers and friends by pointing out words in my Japanese-English dictionary. I couldn’t even do my homework without my parents’ help, or should I say, without my parents doing it for me.

Tests were the hardest. My teachers usually allowed me to use my dictionary and gave me extra time to finish, but I still ended up receiving plenty of F’s, reducing me to tears. The only time I could relax a little at school was during my favorite subject, art; and during math, which actually was my least favorite back in Japan.

Even with those seemingly endless English-filled days, it still took a whole year before I began to understand what others were saying. It wasn’t until the end of 8th grade, 3 full years after I came to America, that I was able to chat with my friends without feeling conscious about my English.

So if you are trying to learn English, Japanese, or some other foreign language, please don’t give up and keep at it! It’s pretty clear looking at my 2-and-a-half-year-old, that learning to understand and to speak any language is a very time consuming endeavor!


  1. You caught me, I gave up trying to learn Spanish beyond a few words but you inspired me to try again. Beautiful work on Etsy! Best Wishes.

  2. Thank you! You have a beautiful etsy store. BTW, I used to live in Tucson a few years ago, and miss the wildlife over there terribly! I'll never forget the day I saw a coyote on the way to work...