Monday, July 13, 2009

Newbie Monday - Photographers

There are so many talented photographers on etsy, I think they may be having almost as hard a time being found as jewelry makers like me! So, this week, let me introduce to you 3 new sellers with lovely photographs in their store.


I love photsbyrosie, not just because our etsy stores have the same birthday, but because her photos make me happy just looking at them. I just don't understand why this UK seller does not have more sales!

The photos are often vibrant and uplifting like Bunting, shown here. Many have an air of innocence too, as if these images were captured by her inner-child. My favorite is Magic Shoes, which reminds me of Wizard of Oz.

Her nature photos are a little more subdued, but never somber. They're soothing, and quietly reveres the handiwork of mother nature.

And while you're looking around the store, keep in mind that many of the listings are for a set of 2 or more photos!


InventingLiz from Roslindale, MA is clearly a nature lover! Her store is filled with photos of flowers, trees, and berries. And she has little stories to tell with each too.

The one titled Spring Joy shown is one of my favorites. It has such warmth and optimism; and shows exactly how I feel when spring finally comes around.

I also like the one titled Silver Linings, an image of a gorgeous sunrise (or is it a sunset?) with the clouds glowing beautifully.


I think DanaLaymon from Wilmington, NC has a very similar feel as photosbyrosie. Both of them have photos that are romantic and have a hint of nostalgia.

I'm very fond of this photo titled You've Got Mail, with its amazing textures and splendid colors. The one titled Airlie Gardens is lovely too. She is still waiting for her very first sale and is offering free shipping for her first buyer, so go to her store now and check out her photos!

For those of you living in NC, she also offers Wedding Photography package, so keep her in mind if you or people you know are getting married soon.


Good luck to all of you, and please come back next week for more talented newbies!


  1. Hi Sono! Thanks for the feature! Silver Linings is a sunset - I'm not much of a morning person, so it would be very unlikely for me to be up early enough to catch a photo of a sunrise!