Monday, July 6, 2009

Newbie Monday - Green Shops

I grew up in an eco-friendly family (or should I say, Don't Waste Anything!! family), so I try to be green whenever I can. This week, I'd like to introduce to you newbies with upcycled items in their store.


Marmalime, a seller from Toronto, creates cool clutches, wallets, and more from upcylcled plastic. They are modern, graphic, and oh so green!

I love this blue scribble clutch, which remind me of a rose in a way. And I love that it's so easy to care for too.

She also has some collages made of post consumer paper in her store, like asian tea collage. What's so unique about it is that she starts out with pages from an old book, and then creates silhouettes of teapots out of tea packaging that relates to the theme of the story. What a great idea, marmalime!


Casacasa from Santa Fe has really unique upcycled items with a focus on bicycle parts. If you never thought you could make a beautiful piece of jewelry with bicycle parts, take a look at these steam punk pearly earrings with chain links!

I also like the bicycle flower earrings, which are made out of inner tubes!

Not everything in her store is jewelry or made with bicycle parts, however. There are clothing, vintage beads and more, so check out her store now and go treasure hunting!


Ok, my last seller for this week has had a bunch of sales since the time that I found her, but I still wanted to show you her Leaf Pouches.

ButterflyEffect from Eugene, Oregon creates these pouches out of table cloths and other recycled fabrics. You can just slip it through your belt and get going, hands free! Yes, they're fanny packs when you get right down to it, but they're so much more attractive, don't you think?


Good luck to all of you, and please come back next week for more talented newbies!


  1. I love the bicycle part earrings! What a cool and fun idea! :o)

  2. Great Finds! I love the leaf pouch, very cleaver.

  3. Wow SonoSono, thanks so much for having My leaf pouch w/ these great finds! You made my day!!
    great blog too!

    thanks again

  4. what great features! i love the leaf pouch! and her shop name - butterfly effect- what a great name!

    happy weekend to you! :)